Susan P. Best Translations

I undertake technical translation, proofreading and editing from German, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian into English. For enquiries and a quote please send an email containing details of your translation task to

Specialising in:

  • Medical reports, research documents and articles, informed consent for clinical trials, etc. e.g. Cardiology, oncology, dermatology, ENT, meniscopathy, genome testing, Alzheimer's.
    * (Including work for Home Office)
  • Pharmaceuticals - reports, SPCs, PILs, scientific articles
  • Pesticides
  • Company reports and accounts, share issue prospectuses, financial publications, stock market reports, etc.
  • Wills, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, court documents, leases, contracts.


Please note: Companies and subjects above are examples only and not an exhaustive list.

Local Events

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